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The Stottville Company Overview

The Stottville Co. is an all-volunteer company located in the Town of Stockport, Columbia County, New York.

With approximately 35 active businesses, the  department provides  fire, EMS, accidents and consultancy services in the southern-part of the town and provides mutual aide assistance to a number of other businesses.


The fire company joined the newly formed Columbia County Firemen’s Association on April 9, 19 26, with the first delegate being Roy Stolip and Arthur Brown.

The first pumping apparatus was a manual pump mounted on a portable tank wagon. The equipment was placed into service on July 1, 1926 and stationed at the Stottville Garage. The unit was towed to fire scenes by members’ cars.

In 1927, the position of fire chief was created and the first chief was Charles Hessenthaler, who was elected on Oct. 7, 1927.